Co-operative Communication

CO-OPERATIVE COMMUNICATION is a  new-generation network for the last few years. There is a need for research on practical ways of realizing cooperative schemes based onrealistic assumptions. The objective of this special issue is to contribute with this two fold objective to advance in the understanding of co-operative transmission.

Wireless Communication

WIRELESS COMMUNICATION is defined as transfer of information from one points to two or more points which is not connected by a electrical conductor. Wireless technologies are mostly found in radio waves with these the radio waves can be shorted as few meters for Bluetooth or distance space in radio communication. The various type of wireless communication methods are two-way radios and cellular telephones.

The wireless technology which includes GPS units which is more helpful in tracking devises with the help of satellite. The common method of wireless communication which include electromagnetic wireless technologies in wireless telegraphy, wireless communication includes long range communication.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor network take advantages in several technical system which includes in radio, battery, microcontroller and which is used in radio technology and battery power systems.

Wireless sensor network is a group of spatially disposed and dedicated sensor to monitor the recording of environment and collection of data. The environmental conditions like temperature, sound, humidity, wind, etc.