Medical and Image Processing




Components of an Image Processing System

Image processing systems are still being sold for a huge imaging application, such as processing of satellite images, the trend continues toward blending of general purpose with specialized image processing hardware.


Specialized image processing hardware

Specialized image processing hardware consists of digitizer with hardware that also performs other developed operations, such as an arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) which also perform arithmetic and logical operations in parallel on entire images.


Software for image processing contains specialized modules which perform specific tasks which also includes the capability to the user for writing code that utilizes for specialized modules. 

Mass storage

Mass storage is must in the image processing system. An image of size 1024*1024 pixels in which the pixel is an 8-bit quantity which requires one mega byte of storage space if an image is not compressed. While dealing with a large number of the image which provides adequate storage capacity in an image processing system. 

Image displays

In modern days Image displays are commonly using in color TV monitors. Monitors are running with the outputs of image and graphics display cards, which is an integral part of the computer system.  In some case, the only stereo display is needed, and these are placed in the form of headgear which contains two small display embedded in the goggles which worn by the user.


Hardcopy devices are for recording images which include laser printers, film cameras, heat-sensitive devices, inkjet units, and digital units, such as optical and CD-ROM disks. The paper is the obvious medium of choice for written material because the film provides the highest possible resolution. 


In any computer system, networking is almost a default function in use today. The key consideration in image transmission is bandwidth which is because of the large amount of data. Fortunately, this situation is improving quickly as a result of an optical fiber and other broadband technologies.


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