Welcome to MATLAB

Additional Information

MATLAB is used as a high-performing language for technical computing, which integrates in computation, visualization, and programming and also easy-to-use environment where the problems and solutions can be expressed with familiar mathematical notation.

Typical uses include

  • Algorithm development
  • Data analysis, exploration, and visualization
  • Scientific and engineering graphics
  • Modeling, simulation, and prototyping
  • Math and computation
  • Application development, including Graphical User Interface building

MATLAB is an real time system whose basic data element is an array that does not require dimensioning. Mat lab which allows you to solve technical  problems in computing system, which includes both matrix and vector formulations, with in a fraction of the time to write a program in a scalar non-interactive language.

LINPACK and EISPACK projects was originally written to provide easy access to matrix software development and together represents the state-of-the-art software for matrix computation.

In mat lab most of the  users evolved over a period of time in Mat lab to give certain input. Mat lab is an university standard tool for development   introductory and advanced courses in mathematics, engineering, and science. In industry, for high-productivity research, development, and analysis mat lab is used as the common tool.