Java and Python


Java is both platforming and also a programming language, Java is one of the high-level programming language, with in this java programming language all source code are written in the format of plain text ending with java extension after that the source files are then compiled in to class files with the java.

Java IDE Tools

  1. i) Forte by Sun Micro Systems
    ii) Borland J builder
    iii) Microsoft Visual J++
    iv) WebGain Caf�
    v) IBM Visual Age for Java
    vi) E-clips


1) Standalone Application/Desktop Application
2) Web Application
3) Enterprise Application
4) Mobile Application

1) Standalone Application/Desktop Application 
This application is also known as window-based application or desktop application. The application that we need to install on every machine. For creating standalone applications AWT and SWING are used.

2) Web Application 
The dynamic page is created on the server side with the help of a application called as Web application. Currently there are several technologies like servlet, jsp, struts, jsf etc are using for the creation of web applications in java.

3) Enterprise Application 
Enterprise application software is an computer software, which are commonly using by an organization rather than individual users.Enterprise Software describes as the common business applications. “Enterprise applications are about the display, store, and manipulate the large amount of complex data.

4) Mobile Application :-
Mobile application which are created for the mobile devices, currently Java ME and Android are using for the creation of mobile applications.


PYTHON is a programming language dated from 1991 which was considered as a gap-filler, the way to write scripts and that automate the boring stuff. The most popular book on learning python is “PYTHON PUT IT” or “RAPIDLY PROTOTYPE APPLICATION” which will be implemented in other languages.

PYTHON has been emerged as a first class citizen in modern software development system, infrastructure management and data analysis for the past few years. Python key revolves around several advantages and it provides for beginner and experts.


PYTHON has number of features in the language itself, which needs only less time or less effort to produce your first programs. PYTHON is an ideal teaching language to make new comers to learn quickly.

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